The end of the April’s Fool one day dream



Ah, no good news about the new contract today! It seems as I just boarded the Airbus A380 when the company I told you about yesterday bankrupted – it seems they didn’t manage to sell their best new product – the astonishing itPhonez 1SLK… Actually their CEO told me that they didn’t sell a single device and the costs for manufacturing of this one single unit were so high, that until it was finished they had to sell the factory it was going to be built in. So it was sold alongside the factory to cover their debts, but fortunately the employees managed to blow it on peaces and threw it on the ocean’s bottom so it could not fall into rivals’ hands. Many scripts for their future fridges and board games were stored on its detachable SSD. So these news are at the end not that bad for them at least.

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Exciting news!



I’ve got some exciting news to share with all of you – today I’ve received a wonderful email from a really well known publisher of video and board games. They seem to like Grown Men Playing Games a lot and wanted to donate a small fortune to me, so they will see more news about their unbelievably amazing products (may be the best on the market) on my pages and of course to receive straightforward reviews about them.


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My recent Kinect experience



 I’ve always thought Kinect or the Move motion sensing input devices are something that Microsoft and Sony are putting in a lot of cash for marketing, something nobody cares about and devices supporting only stupid games. Or if these games are not that stupid, they are most probably childish and most of them have received pretty low scores in their reviews. Probably I am right, probably I am wrong – I cannot tell for sure. They look a bit like a “future” technology which suffers from today’s hardware limitations, something thought to be great, but “working” poorly.

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Buying cheap


As being a gamer could definitely not be really cheap I’ve decided to share with you some sites, some of which you might already know and use to buy games cheaper, but some of these you might not have heard of or you might avoid them because you might think they are some kind of fraud. Buying entertainment software today comes may be in the last place of the monthly budget expenses, so sparing some money is always good if you still believe that developers should be paid and pirating their intellectual property is against  the law.

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Words from Longy

As the Midweek words of wisdom contained no wisdom at all and having a long busy week the article started to appear at week’s end, I’ve decided to rework the title for good.


So, what’s going on recently? I must say – not much on the gaming front. Recent weeks at work are pretty busy and bit stressed and it seems I am only playing War thunder. To be honest – I haven’t been so hooked since ages and managed to level from level 4 to 6. Meanwhile I’ve put USSR and Germany aside and gave Japan, UK and USA a try.

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War Thunder

Last week was pretty intense and not much time was left for gaming. Not that I didn’t want to, but at the end of the day I was pretty tired and couldn’t decide which game to chose. Have you ever been in this situation – you have an hour or two free, which you know you would love to spend with a good game? You sit in front of the PC/TV, intend to play, and you end in two hours just reading forums/sites, watching Youtube and knowing you should go to bed right now because getting up for work (school, college, university) is slowly turning into next episode of Mission impossible or Die Hard. Next day comes and goes and same stuff happens again… But just aside on the shelf you have a plethora of games – some you have finished (may be couple of times), others you’ve started but for known or unknown reason you are just half through and some – which you’ve bought but never ended playing. And first world problem repeats itself on the next day – what should I play?…

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Games, which bring memories 3

It’s been a while since my last post but it has been a long week with lots of stuff to do. But here we are with the 3rd part of the series of my most favourite games, which will forever remain in the list and will bring back sweet memories.


World of warcraft

Today’s post I find to be particularly hard to be written. As it will be about my most favourite game of all time, I should say The Game which honestly will forever stay as number one for me – World of Warcraft. If you for some reason hate it or despite it, I would kindly advise you to quit reading. It won’t be an ode about how good the game is, it won’t be a review article, but just a simple expression why WoW has touched me and how did it actually took its place in my heart.



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The midweek words of wisdom

As it happens I am considering making the “Midweek words of wisdom” an editorial which hopefully will come regularly every week in its middle. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? I’ve always dreamed to lead such a column and having a blog looks just as the right place.


Last Sunday we didn’t have a board game session because we were a man short as Evgeni was not in town and I’ve didn’t make the effort to organize the rest, and as I needed a break and have decided to spend this couple of hours in a walk outside with Desi, my girlfriend.


As about gaming – last weekend was full of it. If you’ve read Games, which bring memories – Part 1, you’ve seen I’ve spent couple of hours with the open and free version of Transport tycoon which happened to generate the urge to write that article. I hope it was a good read for you and I am pleased to tell you that it will continue with couple of more follow ups which will come in the next days. And in between I’ve played extensively Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, as Steam offered a free multiplayer weekend and 40% discount of the game.

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Games, which bring memories 2

Howdy guys? A new day and a new part of the article, I hope you enjoyed the first one and may be you recognized a favourite game there.


As today I managed to get in front of the PC earlier I hope I will cover more games, because trust me – my list of worth-mentioning games is long. So, shall we begin?

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Games, which bring memories 1

I would like to start with making it clear for all of you my dear readers that the following articles and featured games are not ordered as from most till least favorite titles. It would be a simple list of the most significant games in my opinion which so to say touch my heart so deep and left such memories that just reading about them or playing them brings back nice (and bit nostalgic) memories of the already long gone days. It wouldn’t even be a list of the best games ever created. It would be a simple collection of the games, good or bad, which in some moment of my life so greatly affected it, that I couldn’t stop playing them and even dreamed about them. The games, which just got under my skin so even today when I think about them I get shivers down my spine.


I say – let’s start over and leave the lyrical biased thoughts behind if you don’t mind. I really hope you will enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoy writing  it (especially if you have played some of these games).

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