Hi there grown men, who play games, nice to meet you!

I’m Valentin, almost in his thirties, still playing games – being it board, video or just messing around in the one with best graphics, called Life. I’ve been doing so since I remember and I guess it will continue so until I can remember.

I enjoy good games, good company and beer. Last one is always good by presumption for me, period! Roleplaying games, strategic board games (with or without RPG elements are my element), fine reads and nice people are the stuff I enjoy most dearly. My experience with PC games started back in the late 80’s and early 90’s with Prince of Persia on 8 bit PC’s. My first console was Sega Genesis and until now I share both fronts – as PC and console gamer.

This blog will be about us – aging gamers, who despite battle countless enemies, complete hard achievements, never get back just to get to the next stage in the game called Life and still continue to somehow find a spare hour for enjoying a good game. Because life is a game.

I hope we all will have a good time in my blog.

Valentin ‘Longbraz’ S.


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