Rift – free to play! What could you expect?

Rift and its expansion Storm Legion for free became really fast the most read and googled article I’ve ever wrote so far. In order all looking for info to find what they are actually looking for, I’ve decided to summarize what you actually get from the f2p model of the infamous MMO Rift.


When reading “f2p” most people think – OK, a game could not be free, as its authors will definitely starve or are some kind of enslaved souls working as tireless minions for their angry and mad boss. It should always has a catch so these people get actually paid for what they work. And it is actually so with many of the so called f2p games out there – you pay for additional action bars, for quests, for faster progression in order to avoid the mindless grind.


So, what’s the case with Rift? The site clearly says: “NO TRIALS. NO TRICKS. NO TRAPS. The RIFT® Free-to-Play model is built on a simple idea: everyone can download, log in, and play the entire game, free. New players have access to all game content – from dungeons and Warfronts to the latest raids – with no level restrictions.


Important: RIFT is not “Pay-to-Win”. The best items in the game will always have to be earned in Telara!


Subscribers Enjoy The Ultimate RIFT Experience:

  • Store Discount: 10% off all purchases made with Credits in the RIFT Store.
  • +15% Currency (always on)
  • +10% Mount Speed (always on)
  • Daily Boost Set: Each day you can activate bonuses to the Experience, Notoriety, Favor, Prestige, and Tokens you earn while playing.
  • Daily Summons: Instant access to your banker, guild banker, and trainer (on a set cooldown).
  • Priority Queue: Move to the front of the line when your shard is full.

While all players get full RIFT access and daily log-in rewards, our optional Patron subscription is the way to make the most of your time in Telara. As a Patron, you’ll enjoy improved log-in rewards and weekly chests, plus a RIFT Store discount, daily summons, and special bonuses to currency, mount speed, and various types of experience”


In short: yes, if you pay of course you will get a head start and some bonuses (for example XP-boosts) over the all others f2p players around. If you pay, you will also get some benefits (mostly cosmetic) or cool looking mounts and pets. However if you do not pay, you get the whole game and content it has to offer with only restrictions to the number of characters you can have (on each server). If you are asking yourself – yes, you get the Storm Legion content for free beside the expansion souls (talent trees which could be used only if you have previously bought the expansion pack).


If you are not willing to pay and are looking for a decent fantasy MMO or a good WoW-like experience – go forth, Rift is awaiting at: http://www.riftgame.com/en/

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2 Responses to Rift – free to play! What could you expect?

  1. tsuhelm says:

    And can you F2P grind to get more stuff? Ie bags…only 3 for F2P?

    • Longbraz says:

      Hi Tsuhelm,

      I don’t hink they would allow any type of grind which would exceed what f2p offers. So, in order to get more bags I am afraid you should purchase the “content” needed in order to get it or skip this limitation. I hope this answers your question.


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