Rift and expansion Storm Legion for free



If you are a MMO fan you have probably already heard about or even played Rift and may be its expansion Storm Legion. The game has been critically acclaimed and received pretty positive ratings though it has lot of similarities with World of Warcraft.  



It has been already announce that the game is going to a free-to-play model (as with most MMOs which started with a subscription model) with some restrictions for new and returning players up to level 20. Having this in mind and that the game already has a free trial you could ask yourself why and what interesting it is about getting it for free. I should say that if you get it now, once it goes f2p next month you will have the restrictions off which will apply to new comers.


So, what’s the dial/catch? You should definitely spread the word about this blog to 100 friends and relatives, donate 300 bucks to the link below and… I am kidding! You need just to follow the link: http://raptr.com/game/Rift/rewards/rift-storm-legion


What you have to do next is to register an account with Raptr (you have probably seen my game-tracking window, I use this site), download the desktop app (for more accurate tracking), verify your email and to be a resident in eligible country (list on the site). After this is done, download the client from https://rift.trionworlds.com/account/reg/account-registration-short-flow.action?experience=lite&request_locale=en (of course have the desktop app running in background) and play until you reach Experienced or above in RIFT. With all games tracked in Raptr you achieve ranks when you get in-game hours. To achieve the rank needed you need to get about 16 hours or so. Once done, click and claim your award.


It also could be achieved if you simply log in and stay on character screen (just check the pop in window from Raptr in-game client to be sure hours are tracked). Of course have in mind that game auto kicks you out for inactivity after certain time. So this is about it, enjoy your Rift experience. I should say the game is pretty decent and if you are tired of WoW, it is definitely worth it to give it a go.

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