War Thunder – Intended aggression

It’s been a while since my last publication. The reason behind is that I was pretty busy reading and watching tons of tutorials about video capturing, editing, rendering, effects and so on.


A cool shot


So about ten days later I must say I am still a total newb but I managed to make an intro for my videos and to create my first so to say – “more professional looking video”. I must say for a person who was never capturing and editing any video materials and who never touched any program to do it – it was not quite an easy job (specially video combining and music to video synchronization).


Now when I am watching it I should say I like it. I know there a better and “cooler” videos on youtube, but hey, it is my first. I hope in the upcoming days/weeks I would be able to save some better materials and will try to make another one.


So, check it out, like (dislike), comment or share it. I really hope you will enjoy it.


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