Grown Men Playing Games in Youtube

Yesterday I’ve played War thunder for a while and was in some epic dog fights (for some reason there was even a jet fighter in our low bracket, no idea how it happened at all).


When I was flying my C.202 Folgore I saws this Ju88 on my 9 bombing our ships and decided to try to down it alone (really not a good idea with a single fighter which even doesn’t have a single cannon). I’ve managed to damage both of its engines and cooling, but my bird was already in a pretty bad shape. I’ve got some altitude when the engine died. Instead of bailing out I’ve decided to go for a safe landing, if possible even on our airfield for a free repair so I could go back in the fight with my Italian plane. After a really comic glide for about 5 (or may be a bit more kilometers) and some plow up of the near fields near our base, I was successful and back in business.


You can check it out in the video below.


As it was a really fun experience to quickly edit the video I’ve decided to go deeper in this new experience I have never tried before and would try to shoot and edit some cooler videos in the future. Hopefully the results would be entertaining. And as nowadays there are some heavy copyrights specially regarding music I would like to discuss the matter with some artists before editing and publishing and hopefully I’ll have a green light.


So, stay tuned.

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