Arcane Quest

Arcane quest


If you remember in my article Tactical (fantasy) Role Playing Games, where I wrote about the lack of amy decent board like games for PC/console, I was still desperately looking for such game, which I could play alone, when we could not get together for couple of hours to play a real board game. As Chaos Chronicles looks like is being delayed for later this year (hopefully) it looked like the genre is pretty much not touched for any electronic device.


Somehow last week, when I was browsing the games for WP (Windowsphone), I found Arcane Quest. Game could be also found for Android (sorry, looks like no iOS version so far). It has a free (with some pop up adverts) and a paid version (for $0,99 I guess the difference is only the lack of these adverts).


As authors state:


“In this classic-style board game, you can choose from 4 different heroes, each with different skills: warrior, wizard, dwarf or elf.

Collect gold, special items and new equipment to face the most challenging of enemies.

Use arcane spells or brute force, and carefully plan your strategy to succeed in your mission.


Also featuring:

– A unique storyline for each quest

– A complete classic style board game system: movement and combat dice, special cards, items, traps, treasures and a lot more!

– Saving engine to pause and resume your adventure at any time

– An exciting fantasy style soundtrack

– And much, much more!”


From the time I had to try it out I must say I am impressed – it looks like and plays like a classic board game! I played only for the time of four train stops in the metro and barely scratched its surface so now I know what I would be doing tomorrow as I go to the office. If you like me are into this and just want to have a quick game while you are in the train on the way home after work, or want to relax on the couch, I strongly suggest you to give it a go (if you have a WP or an Android device).


So, I hope you like my little find and if you like it, I would be glad if you share with me your thoughts in the comments below.


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