The end of the April’s Fool one day dream



Ah, no good news about the new contract today! It seems as I just boarded the Airbus A380 when the company I told you about yesterday bankrupted – it seems they didn’t manage to sell their best new product – the astonishing itPhonez 1SLK… Actually their CEO told me that they didn’t sell a single device and the costs for manufacturing of this one single unit were so high, that until it was finished they had to sell the factory it was going to be built in. So it was sold alongside the factory to cover their debts, but fortunately the employees managed to blow it on peaces and threw it on the ocean’s bottom so it could not fall into rivals’ hands. Many scripts for their future fridges and board games were stored on its detachable SSD. So these news are at the end not that bad for them at least.


However it means I won’t receive their large donation to write my straightforward and totally uncorrupted reviews about their products. Their CEO (the famous Osvaldo D. Mitch Coolerkranz) requested a small donation from me and promised he will repay soon and hire me as their chief game designer (CGD) and chief vacuum cleaner manager (CVCM) as soon as they sell the itPhonez 1SLK once it is recovered from the ocean’s bottom. As this is one of the most generous offerings I received in quite some time, I’ve decided to fund his off-shore company and am awaiting his instructions.


But enough with this little drama! I don’t want to bore you anymore with dream collapses as yesterday was quite a funny day. All companies on the market seem to be very original on it but what Gaijin did blew my mind. They offered a new playable country for the day – the country of the ponies! Everyone received the option to shoot down other ponies with lasers, rockets and bombs. It seems the colorful little ponies fly with jet speeds and fire rainbow cannons. I had a blast, as all of the other pony pilots. Check the gallery below and see the madness. May be it was one of the best April’s Fool events I participated in. Enjoy 🙂


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