Exciting news!



I’ve got some exciting news to share with all of you – today I’ve received a wonderful email from a really well known publisher of video and board games. They seem to like Grown Men Playing Games a lot and wanted to donate a small fortune to me, so they will see more news about their unbelievably amazing products (may be the best on the market) on my pages and of course to receive straightforward reviews about them.


As I could not be any more straightforward about such amazing games I guess a lot more attention would be put on them. With this nice offer they managed to open my eyes, how every other rival title is actually not that good compared to their Masterpieces of paper and bites. I am so excited that I could not wait anymore to sign our small contract so I could start writing a review a day.


I am glad I got couple days off work so I could use the tickets they sent me to visit their offices and meet face to face. So, tomorrow I will be using their branded laptop in my five star hotel room to confirm the name of the publisher with you and make it public. You might see it a bit earlier when their banners appear all over my blog. Do not be afraid of course to click on them and generate some generous traffic to their amazing site or even buy some of their inexpensive titles, as you really couldn’t find better games, laptops or fridges anywhere.


So, guys, stay tuned for the reveal tomorrow! Don’t forget to click all over my blog. If you manage to find out earlier who they are actually you will enter a random competition and could win a branded and signed by me and their CEO vacuum cleaner! I could not be more excited today! What a start of the month!

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