My recent Kinect experience



 I’ve always thought Kinect or the Move motion sensing input devices are something that Microsoft and Sony are putting in a lot of cash for marketing, something nobody cares about and devices supporting only stupid games. Or if these games are not that stupid, they are most probably childish and most of them have received pretty low scores in their reviews. Probably I am right, probably I am wrong – I cannot tell for sure. They look a bit like a “future” technology which suffers from today’s hardware limitations, something thought to be great, but “working” poorly.


Last Saturday Desi and I were invited to a dinner by our very good friends (and really cute couple) – Ani and Rusi (Hi guys, if you are reading this). They’ve got specially for us a Xbox and Kinect for the weekend and couple of games for them. After a couple of shots for me and Rusi we’ve decided to turn on the console and he wanted to show me what Kinect is all about. First game we’ve tried was Kinect Adventures!




It is more kind of a demo of what the device is capable of, but Lord, how much fun I had. We’ve competed collecting coins, jumped and squat all over the place like some crazy monkeys. It was a crazy and funny experience and after couple of games I felt like after a not bad cardio. It was also actually the first video game I’ve played which actually made me sweat. Nah, I am not talking about those moments when you are the last man standing from your team against dozens in Call of duty, or the roll moments when a desired epic drops in your MMO-games. It was a nice sweat from like doing exercises. Which I never thought I will ever experience with a video game. And it felt amazing.

 dance central cover

Next game we’ve tried was Dance Central. I personally do not like the average MTV or current dance hits from singers like Rihanna or Lady Gaga (actually most such “hits” are really damaging my nerves and mood), but whatever – the whisky was good, we were with a nice company and me and Rusi dancing to such songs like little girls in front of our girlfriends was fun. We’ve directly tried the most hard dances and the laughs coming from the girls were unstoppable. May be the most funny moments were when game gives you time for freestyle expressions and records in high speed your sweet crazy moves (watching these felt like watching ourselves doing the Harlem shake).


The other game we had fun with was Fighters Uncaged. May be from the 3 we’ve tried this was the least funny one and it actually doesn’t make you sweat. You just move a bit and watch your fighter making some Mortal Kombat moves alike, which really didn’t make me immerse with the game.


For the time we had playing I was awarded with a nice stiffness on the next morning which actually makes me think Kinect is a nice way to exercise at home and having lots of fun. Actually I had really a lot of fun (the girls too watching us I suppose) and Desi gave me a green light to get Move for my PS3 (and I even dare to think she will join me to play along).


Currently I am looking for some inexpensive starter set with 2 Move controllers so we both could have some fun playing together. As Move and Kinect are not exactly equal I am not sure if there are such nice games for the PS3 – I am looking for some competitive sports games or dance titles (hopefully with music I could possibly withstand). How I wish I also had the cash for some Guitar hero stuff (a game I’ve always wanted to try), it looks also like lots of fun too, but step by step – Move comes first I guess. 🙂


Have you guys tried Move? What are your impressions? How does it compare to Kinect? I hope you will share with me your experience with comments under the article.

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