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As being a gamer could definitely not be really cheap I’ve decided to share with you some sites, some of which you might already know and use to buy games cheaper, but some of these you might not have heard of or you might avoid them because you might think they are some kind of fraud. Buying entertainment software today comes may be in the last place of the monthly budget expenses, so sparing some money is always good if you still believe that developers should be paid and pirating their intellectual property is against  the law.


By default digital downloads are always presumably cheaper, however I found out it is not the case with some resellers or net-shops. For example – PSN store’s prices are almost always really high, although you don’t receive a physical copy of your purchase. However there are always good sell offers or games which are hard to find elsewhere so keeping an eye on it is not a bad idea.


Probably I could not mention all of these worth checking sites and I won’t bother sharing some, which might look cheap but will rob you. All from the list below are either well known or are sites from which I have bought at least once and you might have my word that you won’t be defrauded.


1. Steam/Origin/PSN and the like: everyone knows them, most of you may have accounts and purchases. Definitely these “stores” are not the cheapest. Actually I found most of their prices to be ridiculous. However from time to time there are some nasty sales on each of them which are worth checking. By that time prices drop significantly, they offer packs of games which bring even bigger discounts, free weekends to try out a certain game with a huge price drop. I check all of them on a daily basis or I have signed up for their newsletter so I don’t miss a great offer. So, I advise you to keep an eye on them as well precautionary. They offer a long list of payment options so you might use these which make you feel safe for internet purchases.


2. on a first look this site might look like you average gold selling site or even a fraud heaven. I had the same thoughts until I tried it out but all of my PSN vouchers are bought from there. Prices at least for them are really reasonable. They offer lots of games also and yes – they even offer all kind of in-game currencies/leveling if you are that kind of a buyer. I wouldn’t judge them – everyone is trying to make profit. If you buy or not is your personal responsibility, but they have my thumbs up for great PSN vouchers prices. Just be warned that after your registration and first purchase you will be forced to pass a phone verification so provide real (not fake) details if you want your order completed or you will be fully refunded. Also, await a nice Chinese accent, which I understood quite easily though.


3. most of my retail PS3 games are from this site. You can find easily older games for laughable prices. I’ve ordered music, blue ray discs and mostly PS3 games and I had only one lost purchase, which might be lost because of many reasons (like “quality” Bulgarian post services) and I don’t blame the merchant. Actually they were really nice and sent me a replacement on their expenses. Shipping is free of charge now (I think) even to Bulgaria. I know Rado had some problems with a purchase from them – instead of one copy of Borderlands he was charged for two and two copies have been shipped, but neither of which arrived. He informed them and they resent new copies… which too didn’t arrive and now he will be fully refunded. However I am not sure which fault it is as it might be a problem here with our local posts. But beside this case, I strongly recommend them as I (beside this lost copy, which I had replaced) didn’t have any issue with them and they were outstanding.


4. another small and a bit funny looking site. But it is a store offering lots of cheap games – mostly Steam or Origin activation keys. They also support lot of payment options and in comparison to Mmoga I haven’t passed a phone verification – they just shipped after purchase. Just pay attention that they send an email with a code which you should redeem on Steam (you have it also in your transaction history on merchant’s site, so don’t worry if you delete your email) – I received mine in less than 10 minutes after successful payment. However they do not offer Steam’s or Origin’s whole list of games, but they have quite a good list and trust me – prices are really nice, but this you should check for yourself. By buying you get some points which I think can be used later for further discounts or free games.


If you know other such sites, which you have tried out or trust, please share below in the comment box. Happy (cheap) shopping, gamers!


P.S. Disclaimer – I do not work for any of these merchants and do not get a profit for sharing them with you. I am only offering you to save some money by buying games and do not want to be blamed if you have any troubles with your possible future purchases!

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