Words from Longy

As the Midweek words of wisdom contained no wisdom at all and having a long busy week the article started to appear at week’s end, I’ve decided to rework the title for good.


So, what’s going on recently? I must say – not much on the gaming front. Recent weeks at work are pretty busy and bit stressed and it seems I am only playing War thunder. To be honest – I haven’t been so hooked since ages and managed to level from level 4 to 6. Meanwhile I’ve put USSR and Germany aside and gave Japan, UK and USA a try.


If you want to test the game, I hope my advises would be helpful for you. As I stated in the War thunder articles, while you wait for your planes to be fixed for free you can pick another country and play. I should advise you as a beginner as me to pick 3 countries to level up and leave at least one aside, do not research new planes and just grind silver lions (the currency). Personally I found Russians to rock on tier 0, but they also have really nice planes up the ranks. So I’ve found that Japan is really good for farming as their starter planes are really maneuverable and machine guns are not totally bad. Unfortunately I could not say this for the UK. Their 0 tier planes are the biggest crap of all nations. Checking the research tree it seems they have some really nice upgrades lately but for now I could not see myself endure this – they barely take turns, lose speed fast and machine guns are only producing sound. In comparison USA is building up pretty fast and Peashooters are quite good. In zero time you would pick their better upgrades with bigger caliber machine guns or even 4 or 6 Brownings on a single fighter.


As a beginner I would also advise you to stay away from bombers – most need upgrades to even dream of using bombs and are quite vulnerable on low heights, as bombing from higher levels makes your bombs miss a lot. Also, shooting down another planes just provides a lot more silver lions and experience. In this line of thoughts I would like to advise you also (if you pick the Germans) to pass on early Stuka versions – they are slow, weak and badly armed. And in order to summarize pick planes from Fighters -> Attackers -> Bombers and about nations my personal list goes USA -> Russian -> Germany -> Japan -> UK.


But enough for now with my War thunder. It has been already about a month since our last boarding game session. Evgeni is still not in town and the rest of us didn’t even try to organize something. Which is bad because it starts to seem that he is the reason and he could not be a reason ever for anything. Unfortunately first session after the long brake will be not earlier as April and I am starting to miss already our Sundays.


Meanwhile I got the possibility and picked up Civilization 5 for free and am waiting for Evgeni to play some coop. It will be my “contact” with the series and as I found so many similarities with board gaming I think I might like it. So, hopefully we will give a try soon.


Now, as my hands itch for some dog fighting I say farewell. I am planning some nice articles in the nearest future so stay tunes.

P.S. War thunder allows you to change nickname and I’ve changed from Longbraz to Spisarevski (unfortunately it was taken and I am now Spisarevski1) in honor of one of the most remarkable Bulgarian fighter pilots during the WW2.

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