Games, which bring memories 3

It’s been a while since my last post but it has been a long week with lots of stuff to do. But here we are with the 3rd part of the series of my most favourite games, which will forever remain in the list and will bring back sweet memories.


World of warcraft

Today’s post I find to be particularly hard to be written. As it will be about my most favourite game of all time, I should say The Game which honestly will forever stay as number one for me – World of Warcraft. If you for some reason hate it or despite it, I would kindly advise you to quit reading. It won’t be an ode about how good the game is, it won’t be a review article, but just a simple expression why WoW has touched me and how did it actually took its place in my heart.



I’ve wrote a bit in the article The Elder Scrolls Online – first thoughts how I was introduced to the game by Evgeni back in the winter of 2007 and easily it became so far the game I’ve spent most of my gaming time in. Couple of months later after we’ve already been terribly hooked we’ve managed to bring also Rado in. Firstly we’ve played for couple of months in a small guild, <the legends> (actually spelled with small caps). It was quite an alone experience as it was mostly us which were active. Soon, we outleveled most of the other about 20 guys, and even did Blackfathom Deeps alone… and almost managed it. Back than the game was not that peace of cake which it is now.


A bit later, I really can’t recall when and how, we’ve got invited in <Fallen Star Clan>. A much bigger and lot more active guild. If I remember right, as usual as I am the most social and outgoing person, I was the first invited there. It still brings a smile to my face how at level 40 I got my first mount – my first character was Addrianna (yep, double “d”, double “n”) – female night elf rogue (later it became a blood elf). She was sexy, funny and chatty. Even I was not hiding I am a guy, some people thought that actually I might be a sexy, funny and chatty female (night elf?) in real life. A wealthy gnome mage from the guild just paid for it (and back then it cost a small fortune). Ah the jealousy the others felt. As I said, guild was quite active and I’ve made some friends in there – like Ghusha the druid for example. By the time I was reaching level 70 and I grew eager to try what a raid actually is. However the guild was not a raiding one and I’ve decided to look for a new home. Evgeni and Rado stayed behind in it for good while I was looking around for a new “home”.


Raiding back than was not so simple. I still remember the long attunement chain just to get the key for the entry raid dungeon – Karazhan. If I remember right I had to complete couple of the most hard heroics which if you didn’t have a good group easily turned swiftly into huge repair bills. By the time I managed it, I was invited in a raiding guild and was allowed to join my very first run… just to be kicked at first boss, because a guild leader’s friend popped up online. The kick was followed by a illustrious guild quitting from my side. And just a the right moment, Ghusha talked to me and introduced me to the <Argent Dawn Exiles> – a guild he has recently joined and raided with. I’ve talked to the guild leader Piety who soon after invited me and even got into Karzhan on my very first day and won my first epic from Attumen the Huntsman. What a night. The guys seemed pretty nice and I’ve decided to bring Rado and Evgeni along, who joined the guild soon after me.


<Argent Dawn Exiles> or just <ADE> were not your average or hardcore raiding guild – it was a guild of real life friends, who ventured into WoW, originally on server Argent Dawn. At some time it seemed it got overcrowded with long waiting times just to join the game and they transferred to Steamwheedle Cartel. The guild raided alongside with <Bending Destiny> – a smaller and friendly guild – two times a week. Schedule I could somehow follow along with work, university and girlfriend. How I managed it, I have no idea. It was simply my best WoW time I ever had. As the guild was not hardcore, we continued to raid with it and even joined a raiding community. By the time I changed from a rogue to a druid and became one of the guild healers with Longbraz. This idyll lasted quite some time – with launch of Cataclysm and introduction of guild leveling system we’ve merged with <Bending Destiny> into a bigger guild called the <Destined Exiles>. It was a natural course as we were constantly playing together and I still don’t know why this didn’t happen much earlier. However all of us grew older and busier and raiding was already no priority anymore. Raids dropped to just one a week when we could organize 10 at all. Soon after Evgeni moved to a larger hardcore raiding guild and I got tired of the game and pauses between play sessions grew bigger. Me, Anton (my cousin, the Necromancer!) and a colleague from work switched to PvP and played for couple of months on 3vs3 arenas with a quite a bad setup – me as a warlock, Anton as a shadow priest and Ivaely as discipline priest. We’ve seen we should level some new alts in order to be more successful but the process looked tiresome and at the end I quit. Couple of months later the still playing members of the guild merged with another guild and <Destined Exiles> came to its end. Now it is already more than an year since I lastly played. I must say – I am not sure if I miss the game already. But I am sure I miss the guild, all of its moments and the most hearty people I met.


In the late autumn of 2009, I, Evgeni, Desi and Marin (although they both never played WoW) traveled to the UK, where most of the guild members live and we’ve met in real life. It was an amazing journey and we’ve traveled through whole England – from London through Portsmouth and Southampton, than to Newcastle and Manchester and back to London. A week in which we’ve met most of the guys and received a really warm welcome. Next summer in 2010, only I and Desi decided to visit Austria. There we’ve met 2 more of the peeps. Again – a very hearty welcome and unforgettable time spent in a lovely company while sightseeing. Sweet, sweet times!


Now, years later we all still keep in touch – mostly through Skype, Facebook or sometimes through the old forum. I must say – I miss my everyday communication with all of them, our conversation on any kind of topics, I simply miss them. Although we’ve just met for couple of days, we’ve spent a lot of time together while playing or simply chatting in the guild chat and I feel them like long time friends. Though it is a long distance friendship I must say that they always will stay in my heart. And this is why World of Warcraft is something more than a game for me. It was a “medium” in which I’ve met so many and so nice people.


Times I won’t ever forget. Stay safe guys and accept our hugs and best wishes from Bulgaria!


Part 1

Part 2

P.S. Some screenshots below, which bring a lot of memories.

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