Games, which bring memories 1

I would like to start with making it clear for all of you my dear readers that the following articles and featured games are not ordered as from most till least favorite titles. It would be a simple list of the most significant games in my opinion which so to say touch my heart so deep and left such memories that just reading about them or playing them brings back nice (and bit nostalgic) memories of the already long gone days. It wouldn’t even be a list of the best games ever created. It would be a simple collection of the games, good or bad, which in some moment of my life so greatly affected it, that I couldn’t stop playing them and even dreamed about them. The games, which just got under my skin so even today when I think about them I get shivers down my spine.


I say – let’s start over and leave the lyrical biased thoughts behind if you don’t mind. I really hope you will enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoy writing  it (especially if you have played some of these games).


Wolfenstein 3D

wolfenstein 3d


The padre of first person shooters – intense action, armies of Nazis (and some zombies in between), fortresses full of dangers, hidden rooms and riches. And right there – our protagonist – William “B.J.” Blazkowicz (the Rambo of the 40s’).


I couldn’t count how many hours I spent with Wolfenstein 3D. Replaying all of its episodes, competing with my father who will find more secret rooms, more treasures and if possible to complete the entire episode (in total six episodes by the way) on 100%. And in between – finding the secret elevators leading to the secret levels, full of golden treasures and scoring as much points as possible. Staying after midnight and not only competing for in-game scores but also for who will play on the antic 486 laptop escalated many times not in my favor against dad.


Even though Wolfenstein 3D aged pretty badly (game’s already about 20 years old) somehow I still find it not so bad looking and graphics are miraculously not hindering my eyes. But most of today’s gamers will condemn her as an antic, ugly and stupid game. For me personally – it will always stay in my heart and I give myself a promise to complete it at least one more time even on hardest difficulty and going through all the episodes. Ah, by the way – if you are an achievement/trophy hunter have in mind it has been also released for PS3 and XBOX, price is about 2 – 3 € I think.


Transport Tycoon



Another gem, which took away from me countless hours in my pre-teen years, released back in 1994. I still think that although it is just a game, it taught me a lot about what investment means, what is a credit and interest, how to research a potential market and which industry what kind of raw materials needs in order to function.


Building roads, railroads, ports and airports and aiming to beat the AI competitors in dominating the transport market was amazing. It also provided historically accurate vehicles for the given time in which gamers played, with nice little information for all of them. Expanding the industries and making cities grow, fighting with opponents for every acre of free for building land, oh – memories really rush.


In the last couple of days I’ve decided to check it once more and play for a while. Unfortunately playing such an old game on a modern PC is not an easy task. First – it couldn’t not find a particular file – dplay.dll. Searching around the net helped a bit – you can copy dplayx.dll from system32 folder and paste-rename it to dplay.dll in game’s folder. It worked a miracle and game started, however it crashed in a couple of seconds. Scenario repeated itself for the next couple of tries and eventually I gave up. Fortunately there are plenty of good people out there and if you happen to be a fan of the game or want to give it a try, check OpenTTD – an open source remake of the original game, which runs quite smoothly even on full HD resolutions. It has been ported to several OS’ and if you are a Linux or Mac user you can still enjoy the game. It also supports LAN and internet multiplayer. It is still supported and continue to receive updates and patch fixes. Downloading custom AIs is also possible as I personally was only able to play it without any competition at first, which took part of the fun factor away. And not last – game is totally free!


So having all this in mind I’ve downloaded it just to play it for a while just to refresh my old sweet memories and the “little while” prolonged “a bit” so I stayed until 4:30am on Sunday morning. Which haven’t happed for a quite good time and of course I almost slept over the entire Sunday and missed a third of the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Free Weekend on Steam. Basically I am very hooked again and I am considering of playing the entire game and try to win it.

Transport tycoon

To be continued…

Part 2

Part 3

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6 Responses to Games, which bring memories 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice, installed and started up easily on my mac after a tiny bit of faffing with the open source graphics and sound components. I wonder how well multiplayer works?

  2. John Simmons says:

    ^ that was me by the way ^

    • Longbraz says:

      Hey John,

      Really no idea but having in mind game has been supported already for couple of years and recent patch is only couple of days old I guess it should be working nicely. Personally, I still haven’t tried, but if you are available in the next couple of days we might give it a try. Still not idea how such game would be played with multiple people as it doesn’t have a quite fast-paced gameplay and it could actually take weeks to complete.

      Did you find how to play against AIs? I think game doesn’t have any so to say build-in and I’ve downloaded an AI script which was working pretty well until it crashed and had to restart 3 out of 4 competitors (mind it, I was 3rd from 5 when it happened and the first one was badly in front of me, but still – I enjoyed the game and didn’t play too aggressively.

      Share some thoughts 🙂

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