Girls in the mall vs. guys on Steam

Steam sale


Every time I see a Steam sale this comparison comes to mind imagining all the girls in the mall rushing (zerging?) a shop after shop for the best promotions possible, buying tons of unnecessary accessories, shoes and clothes.


Although most men don’t seem so reckless at spending cash for not needed stuff (at least at the shops), situation pretty much changes catastrophically when there is any kind of a sale on the digital game market. New, old, famous, bad, underrated games – everything goes on sale from time to time. Collections of games for the price of a breakfast, DLCs costing about a sandwich at Subway.


In my experience it is the time when some really unnecessary games get bought – games, which you’ve may tried sometime ago and never get the urge to continue, or games which you will be playing eventually when your grandchildren will be in primary school, and even some – which you will have forever in your library without ever installing them. The thought of the bargain sooths you – yes, you might never play this title, but at least you didn’t pay the whole price. Or “Come on – how wouldn’t I ever play all these games?! Of course I will! Why should I ever purchase them if I wouldn’t!


At the end statistics and history show that most of these games are barely played for couple of hours (some never of course) and in the mean time the wallet is silently screaming in agony, eventually making you wonder at the end of the month, staring at your bank statement with a big question mark in front of you, asking “why”.

 steam-sale meme

I must admit I was no stranger to this, but at least I’ve managed to stop this madness with the second game bought (at least it was not a pack purchase – just Torchlight II and Bastion). But reading couple of forums when sales are on and checking with friends, it seems some are not that resilient and could not resist the urge to buy everything off Steam. Haven’t you regret later that you won’t actually have the time to actually play everything you got? Or was the purchase of that “weapon pack DLC” worth the money spent?


Everything about these purchases is because everyone buys with emotion and later justifying decision made with some logic. It is all about psychology and marketing know-how. Regarding this topic I found this very interesting  article – which seems to explain the things pretty well.


So girls and guys are just equal when it comes for sales – they just get their favorite stuff, a lot of it, thinking they are paying less. Do they need all of it? Of course not. Could they live with just a small part of the purchase? Of course they will. But at the end at least they got the feeling of satisfaction and sellers make money. So it seems everyone’s happy.

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9 Responses to Girls in the mall vs. guys on Steam

  1. Sam Leung says:

    I think everyone gets that compulsion to buy your favourite things when there’s a sale on, whether you’re actually saving any money at all. Steam sales are the bane of my existence. I usually regret most of my purchases. Well, not exactly regret, but I know I won’t get around to playing most of the games for quite a long time. And just to let you know, I don’t rush to the mall when there’s a sale on. I don’t think all girls are interested in buying pretty things :).

    • Longbraz says:

      I didn’t want to generalize if it sounded so from my post. I’ve ment exactly this group of girls (mostly duck faced), who are zerging the malls. Of course same goes for boys – either at the mall or when Steam sales appear. 🙂

      • Sam Leung says:

        Haha duck faced! That’s a hilarious image, I’ll remember that next time I go to the mall. I know the type 🙂

      • Longbraz says:

        Speaking about Steam sales (and as I saw you love RPGs and FPS games), if for some reason you have missed Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it is now on -75% sale. It is easily my GOTY for 2011. May be one of the best story driven RPGs and an amazing cyber punk atmosphere.

      • Sam Leung says:

        Thanks for the heads-up! If I hadn’t already bought that at another Steam sale, I would definitely have snatched that up (oh Steam, why do you have to be so effective?) 😀 I haven’t gotten around to playing yet, but I loved the first Deus Ex, so I’m excited to see what they did with the newest one. Your recommendation has definitely bumped it to the top of my list :). I’m sure I’ll want to review it for my site as well, it really sounds excellent.

      • Longbraz says:

        Oh, it is truly a masterpiece! Which makes me want to play it once again. If I just didn’t have all these other games waiting. I’ll be really glad if you give it a try and review it on your site, as it will be a pleasure to read. Fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Cocolincho says:

    It’s hard for me to believe there are gamers who buy games on steams just because the promotion sales. I can’t imagine someone to think ” Wow,look what game steam released on weekend sale – its ” Defenders of the pink tower” – i never heard of that game, but will buy it because its 3.74 Euro” I recently started to buy original games – steam digital versions or retailers’ but that’s games I’ve wanted to play or played and now added to my collection of ” games that deserve to be there” Maybe there are zerging girls on the malls, but one gamer is much more mature ( :D), more responsible and the most important – with less funds than the duck faced to make so many irrational purchases. And there is nothing bad in that to have game collection – on Steam, on Origin or on the shelf in the living room. Someone collects cars, someone collects marks and someone even collect animals in formaldehyde (wth) so why the game collection have to be something illogical 🙂 ? Even 2 nice and pleasant hours spent on game you bought make the profit worthy. After all for me as no-smoker it’s better to spent 3-5 Euro for promotional game on Steam, which i know will play, than buy packet of cigarets or spent 1 hour trying to crack and fix the damn broken release downloaded from some pirate tracker!

    • Longbraz says:

      Hey mate, nice to see you around 🙂 Of course – nothing wrong with such purchases – I even encourage them, as if developers are paid, they will make better games or will support their products longer. With the articles I didn’t mind to offend anybody – it was a humorous comparison of two pretty different so to say market groups and how actually resellers are milking wallets.

      May be it is just me, but if it was not for sales and I wouldn’t even think of purchasing some games. I personally believe that it is actually the price which makes customer go for stuff they wouldn’t even consider if the producs (be it game or not) is not in the sales list. 🙂

  3. Cocolincho says:

    Oh and yes – I bought the Deus Ex collection, when it was on promotion at Steam. I’ve tried it a bit before long time ago, but it was cracked version and it was bugging. Longbraz as my real life friend make a good recommendation for it, so i just waited for the right moment to buy it. I like this game style – stealth and RPG elements messed with very good looking cyber punk is successful combination 🙂 Steam often release Deux Ex on special sales so, don’t worry if you missed it, it will come back again on better price i believe 🙂

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