Midweek words of wisdom and the terrible perish of couple of good heroes



It is over – both with our first Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second edition) playthrough and with our Heroes. We mourn as the Overlord crushed the Heroes, killed them and as it was not enough for him – he mocked with their suffering. But at least we hope, some of the still not corrupted by Baron Zachareth inhabitants of the world await the next chosen souls to perish this evil.


The journey itself was epic – we’ve played this game for the past 3 months and easily it became my favorite board game I’ve ever played. If you still haven’t read my review, you can check it out here.


Sunday was a good day, in fact too good to be the last one for our well trained and experienced Heroes. They’ve met in town, well rested and with packed provisions (mostly some coke and chips and that kind of healthy stuff) for the long journey through high windy mountains and wide valleys to oppose the king-wanna-be Baron Zachareth. Baron Gregory called for help from the nearby lands, but the troops wouldn’t manage to arrive in time. The Necromancer, the Thief, the Berserker and the (Disciplined/Healing) Paladin were on their own, as usual. The path was not an easy one and they arrived dirty, tired and wounded from the dangers the Overlord threw on them.


First encounter was a joke. They encountered Splik – the Fat goblin they met in their previous quests from Act 1. As he saw them he rushed carrying a crown and tried to escape. The Overlord threw a dragon and couple of globlins on them but it was not enough to stop Heroes’ impetus. The whole encounter actually took us not more than 20 minutes, which left us wondering why the map was so large. (Crown helped us in the second part – the one who was wearing it, couldn’t be mind controlled by Zachareth – specially good, because our Berserker was capable of one-shooting pretty much everything with some luck)



Second encounter was something totally different – Heroes opposed several zombies in castle’s yard, followed by half a dozen spiders, 2 strong Lieutenants and Zachareth himself. Start was not bad – the Paladin healing and buffing Heroes’ attacks, the Thief throwing his area of effect bombs, the Berserker hitting like a truck and the Necromancer summoning his powerful Skeleton minion. It started to look as they were going to make it… until the Necromancer was killed in 3 swift attacks by the zombies. The Overlord is famous for his lucky dice rolls and luck was again on his side. As the encounter didn’t allow fallen Heroes to be revived, the group was already one short. Luck continued to be on the Overlord’s side – heroes defenses rolls were weak, his minion attacks were strong and the healing Paladin was his next target. And in order the bad situation to turn into worse, the Overlord drew the Reinforce card – the just killed spider group was resummoned and it killed in one turn the steel-plated Paladin. The impending doom was already over the rest of the group. They fought vigilantly but the Overlord’s troops were too many to handle, the Lieutenants and Zachareth were too overpowered, and Heroes lost their epic adventure and paid with their lives.



I am not saying the last adventure was not balanced (actually it was to some degree) but we didn’t have the luck which Evgeni (the Overlord) had. Maybe our strategy was not aggressive enough but we actually didn’t make any strategic mistakes. Just a pure misfortune.


But at the end – it was not about the win, but about the journey – if you have the board-gaming company give Descent a try. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it. Now, as it is over, I must say I already miss it. The guys now want to try Arkham Horror and Runebound out and we will be sticking with them for quite some time. As I have no other choice I will wait for the time when we will begin over once again, this time with the expansion – Lair of the Wyrm.


Meanwhile I’ve read that Bethesda released patch 1.8 for Skyrim for the PS3. An year ago I made the mistake to buy the PS3 version instead of the PC one and at some point the famous lag showed up and began to play on my nerves (which finally made me give up playing the game). I’ve read the latest patch fixes most of these issues and decided to reinstall the game and this time to play as an stealthy assassin/archer. Hopefully the lag is gone for good and finally I would be able to give the game the needed attention.


Some days ago as I was reading Eurogamer and I saw an advertisement of War Thunder – a free to play WWII flight simulator by Gaijin Entertainment. As I am both a vivid WWII history and flight simulator enthusiast I’ve decided to give it a try and oh, dear Lord, I am in love with it! From Saturday on I think the only game I am playing is War Thunder (now Skyrim is again on hold it seems for couple of more days… and Ni No Kuni… well – First world problems, I know).


war thunder


Graphics, variety, action, pace – it is truly awesome. As first impression the only dislike goes for the really slow leveling process (yes, some basic RPG elements here as well) and crappy starting planes, but it could not be the other way around in a free to play game I guess. I hope I will get some more impressions and will write a short recap soon (game’s still in beta, so a review won’t be quite fair). And if you like me are fans of WWII history, wanted to be a fighter pilot as an youngster, like quick pvp matches/dog fights or interesting campaigns – it could be your game. Also it has 3 different difficulty settings – from arcade to realistic so I guess every simulation fan could find his/her oasis here. And as I said – it is totally free. Of course if you have the patience and if you are not willing to spend cash for faster progression game is totally playable. Or the other way around – if you would want the advantage over the other players (as it seems they mostly like me fly on some crappy old bi-planes and Italian flying imbroglios) for some cash you could buy in-game currency and unlock some of the more advanced planes. If you chose the first option, be advised that there could be some troublesome situations like a bi-plane vs. jetfighter (Me 262/Mig-15) but it is rare as game has an economy and flying (crashing specially) this late WWII inventions costs an whole in-game fortune. I might say I got some “kills” with the Italian machines vs. much better aircrafts either by good team cooperation, luck and even skill. So, you might as well fall in love, who knows – just give it a try.


And now, as my trustworthy machineguns gather rust and I guess the next Domination battle for Stalingrad is about to start, I wish you a good evening.


Air hunt’s on.

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