Board gaming session #1

Today’s meeting is a bit uncertain in terms of gameplay. It is still not sure if we will be “full cast” or not.

Depending on this, I am still unsure if it will be the finishing of Descent or we will be focusing on a different game. Possibilities are big: Small world (we have Underground too), Runebound, Arkham Horror, Ticket to Ride, Game of thrones. I really hope it will be Descent, as it is about a time and a good day for the Overlord to lose the game. So fingers crossed for that.


Also, as today’s host is the Necromancer, it means that we have no micro wave. Marin and I would be extremely unhappy of the lack of popcorn. Having in mind how the Necromancer and the Overlord cooperate I think this change is a part of a big and evil manipulating plan.




Have a nice and sunny Sunday, guys!

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2 Responses to Board gaming session #1

  1. john says:

    Ticket to Ride is a favourite of mine. Fast, easy to teach and play and quite a bit of (usually) harmless interaction. The newer maps include a team version which we’ve really enjoyed playing.

    That said, I’ve never played Descent.

    Oh, and as for popcorn, you can buy the corn kernels; put a small amount of them in a pan (one layer) with a tiny amount of oil – put on the LID and the heat and wait; then add sugar or salt – whichever is your preference. Who needs a microwave? And much cheaper than the microwave version.

    • Longbraz says:

      Hey John,

      To be honest I am more on a RPG wave these days. Descent is a perfect example of a such game, coming may be really close to the real pen’n’paper rpgs’ feel. However I am saying that with a really little real rpg experience which even wasn’t on D&D.

      Also, I really love the cooperative nature of such games. May be I just had enough of Small world and the like competitive games for a while. Now I only wish we will be back on Descent and its expansion soon. And who knows, though I doubt it, but some day we might even try a real D&D game…

      Ah, and about the popcorn – I don’t know which is more true – we are so hungry when we play that we cannot wait for popcorn to be made the classical way or we are just too lazy 😀

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