Missed ‘gems’



I know there are plenty of good or outstanding games out there and hopefully much more to come. I have bought some of these ‘top’ recent releases either for PS3 or PC – actually two of the shelves just beside me are occupied only with games, many of which I even haven’t started playing, some of them I’ve already completed but some of them I’ve just started and didn’t finish for some reasons (mostly because another game was published and I was eager to try).


Looking at them I see titles as AC: Brotherhood and Revelations, both Witchers, Mass effect 2, Vanquish, Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, Brütal Legend, both Rocksteady’s Batman games and expansion of Dragon Age – Awakening. Mind it, it is not the full list… All of these titles I’ve wanted badly to play, others – because I’ve played previous titles and wanted to complete the story lines but at the end I’ve spend a small fortune just to get them and they collect dust right now. I know they won’t ware off so at some point in future their time will come.


Most of these titles have been highly prized for their quality and it seems I’ve stacked them for the days to come. Some of my friends are still wondering how so I still haven’t played the Witcher for example. I really don’t have an answer – I am pretty sure they are excellent games and I will have good time with all of them, but it still happens from time to time that I am sitting in front of the monitor or TV, I know I want to play a good game, but I have no idea which. I know, First World Problems, though Bulgaria is still not counted as part of it.


Do you have such a list? Have you bought a much wanted title, which you haven’t given the needed attention for some (unknown) reason? What is your list?


For now I am glad I have Ni No Kuni, which is awesome, and going back to it for an hour or  so before bed time.

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4 Responses to Missed ‘gems’

  1. Sam Leung says:

    Oh god yes, I’ve got a mountain of games I’ve bought and have yet to actually play yet. Sometimes it’s because of this random twitch I get in my finger around awesome Steam sales that seems to mysteriously fill my Library full of amazing titles that weren’t really first on my list of games to play, but I’ve decided I’ll get around to someday. Occasionally it’s because the game’s so good I want to reserve a long stretch of time where I’m more free and can give it my full attention. That’s what happened to Arkham Asylum and that’s why it took me about a year to actually play it even though I’m have a Batman obsession. I’m not complaining though. It’s a first world problem indeed – having too many good games to choose from!

    • Longbraz says:

      I know that feeling, Sam. I guess same goes for most gamers 🙂 However I know some peeps who do not start or buy a new title, until already the started one is finished (sometimes even on 100% or platinum is acquired).

      Let’s see when all old titles would be finished, I really have no idea. But sometimes it is all about the way, not about the goal when we talk about fun and game 🙂

  2. chindividual says:

    Whatever you do with that precious time of yours, play Mass Effect 2 as soon as you can. It’s by FAR the best of the three games!

    • Longbraz says:

      I should mention also ME1 and ME3, however I still don’t own them (for some reason I bought only 2, when I found a good deal). So it seems it is an another whole missed franchise.

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