Love is in the air



Today’s St. Valentine’s day – a day of the people in love, my name’s day (cheers for me!) and also – 14th of February is St. Tryphon in Bulgaria – the saint keeper of the vineyards. So it seems it is a triple feast day for me! Yay!


Before everything else – be happy, be healthy, be in love and cheers with a glass of ruby red wine!


As it seems, today’s topic is about love. Particularly about love in games, or why not about love for games. I love playing games – both video and board. I also love the love in games or love associated with games – what better than a good boarding session with couple of (lot of) drinks which ends with everyone (in my case everyone beside Rado) drunk, feeling deep friends’ love and respect to each other (Rado never gets drunk, it seems his body cells assimilate the alcohol on 100%).


Let’s start with “love for games”. Mine’s deep and lasting already almost 25 years. I still remember watching my father while he played Prince of Persia on a 8-bit PC back around 1989. Maybe it was the time when I fell in love with video games. Unfortunately Prince of Persia was played on my father’s business PC at work when he got some spare time, and we’ve got our first home PC much, much later when I was a teen. Although it was about an 11 year gap I filled it in with playing on friends’ PCs and consoles and spending a small fortune in the really popular by that time internet cafés. Some years before I got my first PC I spent my scholarship award and bought my first console – a Sega Mega Drive 2. So feeding the “playing games” dependence was a high priority. And now, almost a quarter a century later, it is still the same with the small difference that at least I can afford paying for my hobby.


But what about “love in the games”? Maybe most current games rely on a good story and good story always has to do with love. Ok, writing “most current games” was exaggeratedly. Let’s say – most of the games I love are those with a good story. And for me good story is always inseparably linked to good and original ideas and believable and lively characters, which must make for “building” a nice plot and atmosphere.


So, which games do have the best love stories? Immediately I am thinking of the Witcher. I know I mentioned I haven’t played the games, but I’ve read the books and saw the games’ trailers. Dragon Age also comes to mind – Morrigan and Leliana were such a good “built” characters. But this “type” of love is found in every second game nowadays – it is like developers must include a romance in-game so the pimpled teen nerds could feel the joy of being adored. Or what about Duke Nukem‘s love for babes or himself? At least it is a nice change!…


But best examples which come to mind are two very special titles – Heavy rain and Ni No Kuni. In both, subject is not the love between your alter ego and a romancing character, but may be the most powerful of all types of loves – the caring love of a parent to the child and vice versa. I know, both games are not about “love stories”, but these two games are the only which really deeply touched my heart. I won’t spoil you – if you haven’t tried them out, you really should. And I must say, shedding a tear might not be that manly, but in both cases it could be inevitable even for the callous guys.


At the end of today’s “love” topic I would like also to wish you to love and be loved. Because it is the power which ultimately moves the world in the right direction.


Cheers, guys!

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