Dungeonland review


As I wrote yesterday, I had couple of spare hours to enjoy in the company of just released Dungeonland, and I must say – oh, boy (and a girl, you, the one reading my gaming blog, /wave)!

If I couldn’t manage to convince you until now to try it out, please – check it out. Still no demo out there as far as I know, but at the end it is only 10 bucks on Steam and it is worth its every single cent and even more.

May be you (like me) are fans of pen’n’paper role playing or board games, but do not have the time to play such on regular basis. If you like to play as a dungeon master or as one of the adventurers and you need this gaming hunger satisfied on a more regular basis, this is your game. Because as it could be played in long gaming sessions, it also can be played let’s say 20 minutes and it won’t lose any of its charm. My advice – convince couple of friends to buy it. You can play alone with bots (which are not bad, but for example do not use potions) but Dungeonland is meant to be enjoyed with a party – in the fashion of the board games.

Correct me if I am wrong, but since the good old Dungeon keeper PC game I do not remember any other, which could give you the opportunity to torture, annihilate or even humiliate the good heroes, coming to beat you off and daring to want your golds as an evil dungeon lord. And this game provides it! It even has an evil meter and a big laugh button, which you can mash when the hordes and traps you release for the nothing expected adventures are overwhelming them. And mind it – if you are one of those adventures who have just entered Dungeonlord’s brand new theme park, you will be overwhelmed:

–          From the monster hordes;

–          From the traps;

–          From the amazing sense humor of the authors of the game!

Indeed, I laughed myself so loud out on the Dungeon master’s comments in some of the situations, that I think I might wake up my neighbors. I won’t spoil you with any of them, just listen to his prattle and curses. And also to monsters talking about his greatness.

The thumbs go up for:

–          Fun – the core of Dungeonland – it is meant to be fun, it is so on 101%.

–          Challenge – this game is hard. Like – really, really hard and it can be really punishing and unforgiving. When you enter the theme park, you can chose the difficulty of course, but have in mind that if you play as one of the three adventurers (the warrior, the rogue or the mage), the lowest difficulty setting you can chose from is ‘hard’. For greater challenge – try ‘harder’ or even ‘impossible’ and/or chose between 0 and 3 per level challenges.

–          Communication – Dungeonland brings cooperation to a new level – for your own safety and to avoid frustration always play communicating with your buddies – best over Skype or any other voice messenger or at least through the in-game chat. Move together, revive each other, heal, support and always release someone caught in spider web for example.

–          Art – game has unique art and graphics are really adorable.

–          Atmosphere – it really brings the joy of playing a quick, dynamic and fun board game on the PC with your gaming buddies.

–          Humor – as I already mentioned Dungeonland is full of it. Good laughs on every next corner.

–          Variety – every level is randomly generated every time you start it. It brings a lot of replayability and it doesn’t look as it will get old fast. The Dungeonlord uses different cards to spawn mobs, set traps, different ‘danger encounters’ every time you load a level.

–          Action – game is really dynamic, fast paced and gory.

–          Classes’ customization – when you defeat a challenge/monster or open a chest you collect gold coins. From the in-game store you can buy new gear, specializations, perks or customization for your hero or new abilities and types of minions if you are playing against your friends (or the internet) as the Dungeonlord.

–          Input possibilities – if you play as a hero, you can use a joystick. Have in mind that playing with keyboard and mouse is also totally fine.

–          Coop on one PC – connect it to your TV and enjoy the game with your friends at home. Don’t forget the beers!

The thumbs go down for:

–          Number of the theme parks – only 3 theme parks for the heroes and only 1 for the Dungeonlord. Although their levels are randomly generated, and there are some theme parks marked as ‘coming soon’ it seems as not much.

–          Bugs – you can encounter some little hick-ups here and there, but they might be connection-based. Having in mind Dungeonland has been just released, I guess it will be fine soon, when servers are not so stressed. Remember to update your video drivers for some improvement here and there in performance.

–          Bots’ AI – not that it is that bad, but there are some things which could make your game pretty frustrating. For example I still haven’t seen bot using a potion, which means that when its health reaches zero, you lose one life (lives are shared for the entire party). Aside that, they are really helpful and do not do (many) stupid things.

I hope you all will enjoy the game as much as I did. It is fresh, funny and colorful and is worth it every cent. See you in one of the theme parks!

My final verdict for Dungeonland: 9 out of 10.

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