Dungeonland is coming today!


Hear ye, hear ye!

If you follow my blog you already know I am pretty excited about Dungeonland – the PC action role playing game, which so much reminds me of a mad, quick, full of action and humour board game. The game, where you can be one of the mighty heroes or the evil (and already retired) dungeon lord, who opened a theme park, warmly welcoming heroes in the fashion of his life-long career.

Dungeonland has been already delayed by a week and has will be released today (29.01.2013) at 6pm GMT. So, I hope for no traffic jams on the way back home and quick download from Steam. But most definitely – stable game servers, because I am eager to release my dungeon lord wrath on the nothing expected heroes from all over the globe. Or to try to overcome other dungeon lord’s monstrosities as one of the playable characters.

As you see, I really can’t wait and I hope the hype will pay out for good. Check the blog in the coming days for a recap of Dungeonland – I will try to get as much impressions as possible, so stay tuned.

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