Tactical RPGs – a light in the end of the tunnel

I admit – since we (me and my friends) started our board games sessions I have been obsessed with extending this experience even when I am away from them and could play such games alone or with them over the internet. If you’ve checked my blog you probably have noticed some of the articles in which I claimed such experience is non-existent for a PC or a console (to some extend). And pretty much it was the case in reality – the only tactical RPGs (or CRPGs) were either old classical RPG titles (since the dawn of the PC games) or JRPGs of which I am not much found of (grinding gameplay, spiky hear styles, melodramatic quests and mincing wanna-be heroes). As I wrote in my previous articles – one of the games (Chaos Chronicles) I found in early 2013 (and which should have been long time ago released) has been sadly cancelled.


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Chaos Chronicles cancelled?



I haven’t posted in a while but life has been really busy, which is shame as I really fell in love with blogging.


However I’ve just came accross some bad news for (tactival) RPG fans – Chaos Chronicles is set on hold and might be even cancelled as developers haven’t worked on the project since couple of months. Too bad as many people have waited for it since it has been announced.


You can find our more at http://gamebanshee.com/news/111884-chaos-chronicles-release-at-risk-due-to-conflict-with-bitcomposer.html and http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/bad-news-chaos-chronicles-development-on-hold-due-to-legal-trouble-with-bitcomposer.84933/


Unfortunately – everything is business, so is the gaming industry intself. I still hope this will be resolved and we will eventually get this game, time will show.


Meanwhile, if you desperately look for a tactival rpg – check out Shadowrun – it received some really good reviews and probably the 13,99€ are totally ok for it. However I will wait for a Steam sale.

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Rift – free to play! What could you expect?

Rift and its expansion Storm Legion for free became really fast the most read and googled article I’ve ever wrote so far. In order all looking for info to find what they are actually looking for, I’ve decided to summarize what you actually get from the f2p model of the infamous MMO Rift.


When reading “f2p” most people think – OK, a game could not be free, as its authors will definitely starve or are some kind of enslaved souls working as tireless minions for their angry and mad boss. It should always has a catch so these people get actually paid for what they work. And it is actually so with many of the so called f2p games out there – you pay for additional action bars, for quests, for faster progression in order to avoid the mindless grind.

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Rift and expansion Storm Legion for free



If you are a MMO fan you have probably already heard about or even played Rift and may be its expansion Storm Legion. The game has been critically acclaimed and received pretty positive ratings though it has lot of similarities with World of Warcraft.  

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War Thunder – Intended aggression

It’s been a while since my last publication. The reason behind is that I was pretty busy reading and watching tons of tutorials about video capturing, editing, rendering, effects and so on.


A cool shot


So about ten days later I must say I am still a total newb but I managed to make an intro for my videos and to create my first so to say – “more professional looking video”. I must say for a person who was never capturing and editing any video materials and who never touched any program to do it – it was not quite an easy job (specially video combining and music to video synchronization).

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Grown Men Playing Games in Youtube

Yesterday I’ve played War thunder for a while and was in some epic dog fights (for some reason there was even a jet fighter in our low bracket, no idea how it happened at all).


When I was flying my C.202 Folgore I saws this Ju88 on my 9 bombing our ships and decided to try to down it alone (really not a good idea with a single fighter which even doesn’t have a single cannon). I’ve managed to damage both of its engines and cooling, but my bird was already in a pretty bad shape. I’ve got some altitude when the engine died. Instead of bailing out I’ve decided to go for a safe landing, if possible even on our airfield for a free repair so I could go back in the fight with my Italian plane. After a really comic glide for about 5 (or may be a bit more kilometers) and some plow up of the near fields near our base, I was successful and back in business.


You can check it out in the video below.


As it was a really fun experience to quickly edit the video I’ve decided to go deeper in this new experience I have never tried before and would try to shoot and edit some cooler videos in the future. Hopefully the results would be entertaining. And as nowadays there are some heavy copyrights specially regarding music I would like to discuss the matter with some artists before editing and publishing and hopefully I’ll have a green light.


So, stay tuned.

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Arcane Quest

Arcane quest


If you remember in my article Tactical (fantasy) Role Playing Games, where I wrote about the lack of amy decent board like games for PC/console, I was still desperately looking for such game, which I could play alone, when we could not get together for couple of hours to play a real board game. As Chaos Chronicles looks like is being delayed for later this year (hopefully) it looked like the genre is pretty much not touched for any electronic device.

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Civilization V



There are some titles – books, songs, movies, games – which are pure classics and will always endure the time and will feel fresh as when they were created.


The Civilization series are easily one of the most famous PC game classics. Spanning for already more than 20 years they continue to entertain – build on their basics and bringing new additions to the gameplay, sound, presentation and graphics.

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The horror of war – Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Who hasn’t played as a kid of cops and robbers, of soldiers or simply hasn’t hold a riffle toy “shooting” and shouting at his fellow friends: ” Boom, you’re killed!”, “No, you were killed first, I fired just a moment before you!”… Most dreamed of becoming soldiers, fighter pilots, cops, holding a gun, shooting the bad guys. Growing up, for some it still seemed appealing some of them  fulfilled their dreams joining the army to be respected, to prove themselves, you can name the reason.


 But have you eventually met someone of this group who actually was at war or survived a shootout? I personally haven’t, but I bet all of them are not any longer the same persons they were before. The faces of doom, death and destruction lurk about every corner, the fear, the loss and pain – their closest friends.

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